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Terms of Service and Conditions

This Terms of Service Agreement (“Agreement”) and Conditions governs the terms by which registered members and clients of Kids Acting Workshop Corp, obtain the services provided by Kids Acting Workshop Corp,  (“KAW”) and formally accept the policies, procedures and assumption of risks and hereby absolve all rights to hold KAW liable for any injury, accident or death resulting from the associated activities within KAW’s services or those that occur while on KAW’s premises or events sponsored by the school. By selecting the correct box at the end of this Agreement and writing  “I Agree” or otherwise signifying your acceptance, you accept this Agreement and Conditions either for yourself or on behalf of your child and agree to be bound by its provisions. In this Agreement: (I) “you” or the “Client” means you, (II) “Kids Acting Workshop” or “KAW” or “Workshop” means Kids Acting Workshop Corp.


Communication Agreement

I agree to make communication between myself and teachers/directors of KAW as open as possible by providing an e-mail address and phone number I know to be current. Furthermore, I agree to checking that e-mail, text messages and voicemail frequently so that I may see any updates from my child’s teacher. The workshop will inform you about an important information, concerning calendars, schedules, closures, cancellations and holidays.


Code of Conduct and Classroom Discipline

KAW’s number one concern safety, and this extends to the safety of our students’ relationship with their peers. Any parent or child that represents negative action, physical threat or harm, or an unhealthy attitude in which the directors see as a harm to the school’s environment, reputation or emotional harm to other students and parents, will be dismissed from all workshop activities and classes. I understand and agree that if my child is disruptive, disrespectful and/or causing harm to themselves or others, they will be released to either the parent or the office for the duration of that class. Rarely does KAW have issues arise, and it is always best to be proactive and work together as parents & teachers.


Photo Disclaimer 

I hereby permit the KAW to use photograph, video or other likeness taken in class or at performances, in which myself/or my child may appear, in the promotional and any other materials of KAW without payment or other consideration made to me. 


Attendance, Tardiness and Inclement Weather

Attendance is crucial in acting/dancing/singing training. KAW’s tuition based on your placement in the class, whether you are absent or present. If a student is going to miss a class for whatever reason, it is your responsibility to call or e-mail the workshop so that the teacher is alerted of the absence. Due to waitlists, the studio cannot hold placement for leave of absence, or give credits for vacations. Tardiness is frowned upon, since the safety of the student during warm-up is so crucial. If a student is tardy to class more than five minutes, the student must wait at the inside of the studio door for the teacher to invite them into the class. If tardiness is a reoccurring problem, the teacher will contact you to discuss the issue. Attendance and tardies may affect the placement of a student. KAW does not refund tuition due to inclement weather, or other acts of severe nature that cannot be avoided. 


Dress Code, Studio Rules & Class Placements 

Absolutely no street shoes are permitted inside the dance rooms. Students must follow KAW's professional standard dress code for colors, shoes and appropriate acting/training wear. Students are to follow basic rules of no food, gum or drinks other than a water bottle in the classroom during the class. Students are not to be in the classroom without the supervision of a faculty member. Students are to respect the studio environment, and not leave trash or personal belongings on the floor or in the common areas. Be on time. Students should arrive five minutes prior to class with shoes and proper attire. PLEASE DO NOT be late picking your child up from class. The KAW Faculty and Management are not responsible for supervising students after class ends, nor if they leave the building on their own. It is KAW’s procedure that we are responsible for the student only inside the workshop room for instruction time, and not liable for the student once their class has finished. Parents arriving late to pick up a child on a consistent basis may be subject to dismissal. If a student under the age of 18 is not picked up at least 10 minutes following the last class of the evening, and a faculty member is held there to wait with the student, then the parent of that child will be billed a rate of $10 for every ten minutes after hours. KAW Faculty are trained professionals and will make the correct decision and recommendation for each student’s placement that is both correct and safe for the student’s growth. Parents and students are always welcome to meet with their teacher or the director to set goals to accelerate the process. It takes about two years or more to get a progress, but KAW will not giving any promises for results in your career and job/position in the movie or theatre industry. Students will pass up to specific levels only when they have the full strength and skill level, and have successfully passed the annual exam. KAW has a strong focus on giving each student the best opportunity for success, and sometimes that may mean working at the top of a class at a lower level, rather than struggling through the higher level. By acting responsibly in their placement, KAW enforces safety and cautiousness, and prevent injuries. 


Class Observation

We offer you the ability to observe and watch your first child’s class.  


Tuition Policies and Fees

Kids Acting Workshop requires pre-payment of tuition for all services rendered. Tuition for the entire month is due by the 1st day of any given month or session. Payment must be made in form of auto-pay (an on-file debit/credit card in a registration form). I allow KAW to use my debit/credit card which I provided in the registration form for monthly payments, registration fee, late fees and cancelation fee. If tuition has not been paid by the 1st day of the given month or session, students will be required to sit out of class until the tuition has been paid. A full months tuition is due even if a class is missed for personal reasons and whether or not a make-up class was attended. KAW does not pro-rate. Tuition is based on a 36-week calendar year, and each month is the same tuition rate for the 4 weeks. Tuition is payable through 9 monthly tuition payments to begin on August through May. Clients who wish to pay for an entire year will be discounted, if received by the first two weeks in the session. KAW never shares confidential or financial information with a child or student, or another client, unless written or verbal consent is given to us to do so. KAW does not send statements nor invoices, only receipts via e-mail. Make-up classes are allowed no more than two times a month/session and can be scheduled by contact your child’s teachers or directors and letting them know no later than 24 hours before the class you are not be able to attend. Make-up classes could be taken in a different schedule than you registered and usually attend or even in other location of KAW’s branch offices. It depends on KAW’s regular schedule and will be determined the most convenient for you. The annual registration a non-refundable Fee of $35 (and $20 for each additional sibling) will be charged at the time of enrollment. This fee covers administrative and facility costs for the year. Previous registration fees made for past seasons are not applicable for the upcoming year. If your on-file or auto pay credit card declines, you will receive a courtesy call and e-mail to resolve the payment situation. After a second offense, you will be responsible for an administrative late fee of $20 for the interruption. After three offenses, you will be required to place another credit card on file. To discontinue service, cancel classes and/or stop tuition charges you must provide KAW with a 30 days written notice, otherwise the $150 fee will be charged. Failure to attend class does not release you from your contractual agreement with KAW. IF YOU FAIL TO FOLLOW THIS PROCEDURE, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL TUITION, late fees and any and all outstanding balances until such notice is given as outlined above. KAW is unable to refund or credit tuition, costumes, registration fees, tickets, or competition fees. Remember, KAW requires pre-payment for service. 

Sibling Enrollment Discount

There is a 20% discount off of the second sibling enrolled within the same month or session. A third, fourth, etc, sibling will receive the same discount. 


Friend Enrollment Discount

There is a $100 discount off for the invited and enrolled/registered friend within the same month or session. A second, third, etc, invited and enrolled/registered friend will give you the same discount for the next months. 


Performance Participation

All students in performing classes are encouraged and expected to participate in the performances/annual exams. The audition will be hold for the main performance and 25-30 students will be selected based on results of child’s performance at the audition which will be decided by the KAW directors and teachers. There’s no guarantee that your child will be selected and casted to the main performance, but will perform at the annual exam no matter what. The students work hard all year long and the performances/ annual exams are the pinnacle point of the season. The classes learn to work together and rely on each other.  Any student who wishes not to be included in the performances/annual exams must inform the teacher before they begin to learn the program that will be performed. Students must participate in a predetermined amount of classes leading up to any performance/annual exam. This may vary by teachers and season. 


Assumption of Risk and Liability Waiver/Disclaimer

As the legal representative of my child, hereby waive any and all liability of Kids Acting Workshop, the employees, agents, teachers and owners, that may arise while on the premises, or in class including illness, injury or death. I authorize Kids Acting Workshop, the employees, agents, teachers and owners to instruct me/my child(ren) in acting/dance/singing and related activities while I recognize and understand the inherent dangers associated with such activities. I hereby release and absolve Kids Acting Workshop its employees, agents, teachers and owners from all claims and causes of action arising during activities at the school. I understand there is an assumption of risk which I/my child are taking during acting/dance/singing and related activities, and injuries, illness and fatalities may arise during such activities. Kids Acting Workshop is also not responsible for the loss of any personal property or the property of others that is placed on campus at any time or at other locations during workshop sponsored or public events.


If you have concerns or any questions relating to this Agreement, please contact Kids Acting Workshop Corp at (310) 706-8711 or (818) 318-5571.

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