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We Give you 3 hours for free to try


We know how important that is for parents to be sure that their kid feels safe and having fun. That's why, for a limited time, we're offering your first class (3 hours of acting, dancing, singing) for free. 

Our professional team of teachers created the special program for online platform and weekly we take over some of your parent time, entertain and teach kids. It is productive, active and fun!

Other 40 parents are on board already

"It is a life-saver program for me. I can finally can get all of my things done"

"Wonderful! Wonderful! Thanks Kids Acting Workshop for this"

"I was worried that my children will be bored at home, not seeing their friends and etc. Now my kids can't wait for acting classes. They are genuinely happy!"

"Super productive! I even dance myself with them. Of course off camera:)"

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